postmen do not great movie heroes make

We went to see the Stereophonics perform at Zaphods last night. I've always liked their music, with its "a little bit soft, a little bit edgy" rock vibe, but still, wasn't sure what to expect. It's strange to see a band from Wales play one of ottawa's smallest clubs. It was neat to see it all up close though, instead of on the huge stages elsewhere, though they have promised a repeat performance in November somewhere "bigger". One can only guess where that is going to be.

The show was dark, and crowded, the large guy in front of me choosing to totally consume any or my remaining personal space. I wonder if he liked feeling me breathing down his neck and maybe glaring a little?

Regardless of the no-room-to-even-clap crowds, the show was great. They played for just over an hour and a half and disappointed everyone a little when they left the stage at 10:45 with a slightly humourous "We'd do an encore, but there's no fecking backstage to go to first". Then, like a flash, they were off to the tour bus, conveniently parked right at the curb in front of the club. Outside, we watched take-out orders get delivered, while inside, Augustana, the opening band, handed out free 3-track EPs of their stuff. I have yet to listen to mine. In a moment of bravery (and maybe because she was a few drinks in) Brenda decided to knock on the door of the tour bus, to say "Hey - good show." I think it definitely gave the roadie a bit of a snicker. Rumour has it that he was cute though. Hmm...

After a drink at the brig, we all split up, and on the way home, I detoured past the gallery for a peek at Maman, which I had seen earlier on in daylight from my car, on the way to practice, but who I really really wanted to see up close. I'm going to have to return, though, when they take the fence down, and minus the alcohol. A few beer is not a good idea if you want to take a decent photo. At least not of this scale.