skeletal cat

my mother and I checked out the Ottawa Valley Quilt Guild's spring show at the RA Centre yesterday. Quilt shows normally aren't my thing - there certainly aren't a whole lot of people there within my age bracket. But the FABRIC vendors were insane (hello pretty japanese prints, and sashiko fabric!). Look for some new bags. Soon.

Quilt shows are usually a mess of traditional quilts, quilts designed to be a smidge tough on your eyes, or something a little funky that was a "Guild Challenge" - something a local guild thought up as a means of learning a new skill, or keeping to a theme. Those don't interest me as much. What did interest me was this....

What's really cool about this quilt (aside from the funky colours and amazing quilting (the border is made up of miniature quilts) is that it was created by the designer as a way to celebrate the life of her mother, who had recently passed away. It's so marvelous and, well, happy looking.