some kitten photos to distract you while I talk about my neighbours

so, as previously mentioned last weekend, we have new neighbours. This is kind of cool, because it means the house next door is no longer empty, the neighbourhood has new people, and well, ok, I'm really not sure why. they've been fairly decent, as neighbours go, only mucking around with the parking situation once or twice, not being too too loud. Until yesterday. I'm beginning to think that our *old* neighbours were just really quiet. I hardly ever heard a peep out of them, and I share a joining wall between our houses.

But these new students? Phew. I'm not sure they ever learned the "doors are only slammed when you're really mad" rule, or, heck, maybe they're just really mad all of the time. Because last night? Awful. Slam. Thud-thud-thud-thud-thud down the stairs, slam slam thud thud thud up the stairs. More slamming in the attic. Slamming on the back porch when they went out for a smoke (eew - this has started coming in my bedroom window. I am dis.gus.ted.), slam going back in. Bang bang bang in the kitchen.

Anyhow, whatever. Everyday noises, during the day, the evening, no big deal. At 3 AM? Pissing me off. Last night, at midnight: "slam slam slammity slam slam giggle". It continued. 3 am? Out in the street (slam front door on the way out with whole pile of friends) and then oh heavens me, someone's lost their lighter. Keep in mind that it's 3 am, on a really quiet street. It's springy - people are sleeping (except for me, now!) with their windows wide open, like me. Do they use inside voices? Oh no. "DO YOU KNOW WHERE MY LIGHTER IS I CAN'T FIND IT!" across the porch. "NO I DON'T KNOW I HAVEN'T SEEN IT ANYWHERE. DID YOU CHECK INSIDE?" Slam. "NOPE" Slam, back out again. After ten minutes of this, I nearly threw MY lighter out the window at them. Then "Oh, I FOUND it! Here it is by my shoe." Smoke. Smoke smoke smoke. Slam. Goodnight!

God save me. This is going to be a long door-slamming summer.