when you spend the days at home everything drifts like it’s out at sea

I'm still sick (boo.) but I am at home, working in pajamas and lazing around in bed (yay). I've been drinking lattes out of bowls and toying with fabric ideas. When my body gets dizzy, my mind always gets creative. So, some things I've been neglecting to point out to you:

  • Gus vents about ottawa traffic. I couldn't have said it any better myself.
  • the brighter side of breaking up: Watching your friends children have temper tantrums no longer has the same ominous implications and returns to just being plain funny.
  • I really want this sold out Decemberists tour poster. So pretty! And on old player piano scrolls. Damn.
  • I love strindberg & helium. this link from brett totally made my sick day.
  • SHIFT: would it be wrong if I wanted a bike/trike like this for grown-ups?
  • This flickr group has been keeping me occupied for weeks now.
  • I have been working on some ipod cosies, and they'll be up in the shop next week, I think. But until then, what kind of features would you want YOUR cosy to have?
  • Also, I think someone is living in the attic room next to my studio. I hope they like sewing machine sounds!
  • And last but not least (and I'm slow on this) Amanda over at VeryZen redesigned (and moved!). The new site is very very pretty.

And oh yeah - World Beats & Eats on friday at the Merc. Who's in?