bye bye babies

So, the kittens are gone. I know we'll all miss me posting endless photos of the little rugrats. But I'm going to miss them most. I'm not sure if anyone remembers these guys were when they arrived. So, let me remind you:

Now, they've grown so much in the last 6 weeks (it feels like a year!) that they don't even look like the same little people.

What can I say about poe? She's always been my brutally cute underdog, with her crusted shut eyes, sneeziness, and the fluffycute way she tries to eat your fingers off. She was always the quiet one when she was little, preferring napping back in their kitty bed to trying to roll around with the others on the floor. She was the last one to learn to walk, but the first one to learn how to get on the couch, the bed, or to make a temporary sleeping spot out of the top of my bass case. I am going to miss her, her face full of couscous as she tried to devour my dinner, her eager little mews when she knows you're going to pet her next.

Chai is the 'hot older brother' of the bunch. He's starting to look just like his mum, but he's got a great masculine 'cat' face. His markings make him very handsome. He purrs practically on command, and comes when you call just about every time. He loves to snuggle, and you can often find him resting his head on someone else's rear end as if they were his own personal pillow. Not scared of much, he's won hard-fought battles against the hair dryer, the showerhead, and feathers. The feathers were the scariest part. I bet he'll miss the broom more than anything else.

Scooter was always ben's adopted kitty, so in a way I'm really sad to see him go, because it kind of feels like I'm letting go of something bigger. He's been getting darker and darker over time, and we keep calling him chai when it's kind of dark and we can't really tell who is who. I hope this doesn't give him some sort of identity crisis later on in life. Poor dude. He's true to him name, though. He's gotten lost in the house a countless number of times, and has fallen down the stairs too many times to mention - always ambitious, he tries to take them two at a time, and sometimes, tries not to let his paws touch at all. He's tackled podge the monster's whiskers over and over until podge had to revert to hiding under the pillows so scooter couldn't find him.

Ponder is going back too, and you know, I wasn't sure how I felt about adult cats until we had her here. It's been tough - it's been a long and tiring and sometimes worriesome couple of weeks, but I am going to miss her softness, the way she snuggles up to you and purrs gently, looking for a little bit of attention, the way she guards all the dangerous spots so the kittens won't fall into any traps, and how she goes running when they cry out, even just a little bit.

I had no idea what I was getting into when I volunteered to take these guys on. While it has been tiring and stressful and messy, nothing could compare to how good it feels to watch a little cat family grow up to be healthy and fluffy and playful. I don't think I've ever done anything that felt so rewarding.

Selfishly, I want them to miss us, just a little bit, because that's not even going to compare to how much I'm going to miss them.

So, if anybody's new here, and you want to adopt some really great and wonderful and fun and beautiful kitties, or their gorgeous, soft, well-behaved mother cat, today is the day. The humane society is looking for you.