grr. (or, we have new neighbours, part I)

So, our new neighbours *finally* moved in. Three uni students, one of whom owns a car. Maybe we've been spoiled, with our three months of neighbourless bliss, but I am already annoyed at these new people, without really wanting to be. As neighbours, they seem to be great. Everything (including the unpacking-banging that you can usually associate with new people for a while) is not at all bad. What's bad is parking. Three times now, I've had issues with parking. Currently, my car is stuck in the garage out back, because *somebody's* car is parked at the end of our long and narrow laneway, keeping anyone else from getting out (very important) or getting in (useful, but if that means you get stuck in, not so much). The kicker is that there's a spot right next to my car out back, just waiting for this car to park in.

I don't have to leave for another few hours, and in reality it's not a big deal, but it really irritates me that this is how they want to start a relationship with new neighbours (who they have to share the driveway and garage with for the next, oh, year). She/they parked there overnight. Good thing I don't work an early morning shift or anything.

Parking rudeness is high on my list of "things that drive me crazy". It's just SO inconsiderate. But, on the upside, at least it's not this guy again. It could be worse.

Update: Parking situation is ALL better. New neighbours are nice, and apparently have a new kitty. Phew no dogs!