soft & needly

I hit up spins and needles again last night - month #3. It was definitely an interesting mix of the crafty/hipster crowd.

The last event was a little more girly, a little more "crafty". This time around was good - I had a good beer (boddington's), and some good crafty work to do (a lilybug screen - hello hangtags!). The place was packed when I arrived, so I grabbed a seat at the bar. I was immediately surrounded by coupled up people. One couple started painting hearts on each others arms in amongst giggle fits. Aww. Pardon me while I vomit.

There were a few guys doing NO crafting (hello? it's crafty night) but chatting up the ladies, and a whole lot of knitters. So many balls of yarn!

Sadly, I was too enthralled by the giggled-up-love-birds and the great tunes (they were really great!) to take any photos. But next time. And slightly after next time? A spins & needles craft sale. I will be selling should come and buy them.