there was an old woman who lived in a shoe

We I lost scooter this morning. I'm not sure how it happened, but one second he was there, the next he was gone. It's become a routine to count the number of kitten heads in the kitchen before I do anything, just to make sure I know where everyone is. So this morning, before I got my shower, I counted heads. No problemo. 4 kittens. Nice and tidy.

Did he fall through these holes in the floor?

When I got out of the shower, and came back downstairs, there were only 3. That is one less than my obsessive counting list needed. Uh oh. So, I looked. I looked *everywhere*. Downstairs, upstairs, in the back storage room, in the basement, under the sofa, in all of the shoes, in the bedrooms, the cupboards. I couldn't find him anywhere. I was starting to have panicky visions of having to call the humane society to tell them I had only three remaining. Not good.

Monkey checks to see if scooter's underneath mum

So, I went upstairs, finished getting ready for work, and though about how, exactly, I was going to confess to losing one, hoping I'd find him before I made that call. And I did. He was sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor when I came back downstairs, like nothing had ever happened. Where he was, I don't know. But, the count is back at four. Everything is a-ok. Phew!