you know the way, the path is clear

you know it's bound to be a long night when you start your evening with oreos for dinner. I spent a good lot of time in bridgehead tonight, trying to get things done and sort through my pile of lists, my massive, massive pile of lists. What I need for a dinner party on saturday with some friends, ideas for bags and other pretty things, selling possibilities, the key signature for A-flat minor, a phone number, a good line I heard at some point today. My lists are starting to reflect how scattered I feel.

It's nice to sit in coffee shops at night and watch people. By the time I usually get around to being there, people are all tired, they've had long days, me included. But there's always something. Especially at bridgehead. Like the guy tonight who was either coveting me, or coveting my bigger, better powerbook. Poor dude. He had laptop envy! And they way that people react to the music. Tonight was the beatles and some other mellowness. In other words, sing-along-in-your head night!

I've been rediscovering Aqualung tonight, after Lana posted about them today. Sometimes it feels like I've got so much music I don't know where to start. My iPod is starting to be on 'overflowing'. There is something about mellow, groovey boy bands that I can relate to, or that I can relate to spring, the dawn of new states.

I'm starting a new project - a quilt made out of rugby jerseys. I haven't started cutting yet - I'm scared. I've been given a pile of jerseys, such hugely sentimental things, and I've got snip them open and cut them into pieces. The prospect frightens me a little bit, but I'm excited about trying to put together the end result.

Stay tuned- pictures soon.