kurt halsey and some other stuff

so, watching my stats for the past little while, I've noticed that a lot of kurt halsey lovers/searchers/admirers swing by here from google. hello people! this has forced me into "who the heck is kurt halsey again?" mode. I had forgotten. But now, I remember. And once again, I'm in love with his work.

some other things I'm currently in love with: cheerios & vanilla ice cream, shivaree, sunshine, plantariums, the photography of alicia j. rose, the the secret of the fedex logo, kelly mulloy's felted wrist cuffs, a weird yet excellent project from ivrea which I'd love to be able to make say 'bugger off' to anyone checking it out, ze frank's brighter side of breaking up (hee. hee), galbraith & paul fabrics, and, last but not least, sleep.

Update:: Do I want these buttons? Yes. Yes I do.