table envy

I'm sitting in bridgehead right now, waiting for 5th muse, and there is a huge complainer sitting next to me. He is very clearly pissed that I came in and grabbed a table and ordered a coffee. Bad coffee patron, me. I should have known better - next time will look for the weird line that says "these mingly standing around people are already waiting for a table.

I hate when people think they're somehow entitled to something they never tried to get in the first place.

He tried to sit down with me, and that was cool, but I prefaced it with "I am meeting someone here very shortly" at which point he totally flipped, and a quiet angry sort of way. "I was here before you were. I'm surprised you got your coffee before I got mine. And so you just swoop down in here and take this table. Where are other people supposed to sit?" Hello. Not my problem. "When are you meeting your friend here?" I told him to give it 15 minutes, and that he was welcome to sit down. "No no - now you're the star. You get the seat." Ok, dude.

So now he's bothering the baristas, trying to get them to explain their wireless "access" policy. I think he's annoyed that I've got my latop, sure that I am leeching free internet off this little coffee shop. Terrible me. I wasn't - I was giving excel some love. But, since he was glaring. This entry, mr coffee shop man, is totally for you.