new creativity

If you're not a design geek, I apologize in advance. Distract yourself with this instead. Look, food! Adobe released/announced Creative Suite 2 this week, which will ship in May.

This is exciting for two real reasons - mostly because (a) I want this upgrade and (b) it has some interesting new features.

New to the collection, in addition to upgraded functionality in photoshop, illustrator and the bunch, are Adobe Bridge, and Adobe Stock Photo. Bridge looks to be like a super duper slightly awesome replacement for the formerly lame "file browser" which wasn't all that much more useful that doing a "File > Open" before now. Finally something that looks nice, and makes logical sense (look! most recent files! file counts!). I hope it's not slow.

Stock photo is interesting purely from a creative standpoint, as it'll allow you to search for stock photos, etc. from within the apps themselves. This is neat in that it takes one of the steps out of stock photo hunting (anyone else hate the webhunt, click, click, click, lightbox, download sample, file sample somewhere you'll remember approach?). The unfortunate bit is that there don't seem to be that many stock sources. But there are a few, not bad for a new "app".

I wonder what it'll take to snag a copy that *doesn't* cost $1200? Also, I want to see if they've improved support for transparencies in InDesign. Really hoping so.