you can go home when it’s safe

tonight we went to check out world beats and eats down at the mercury lounge, and came home with friends brad and lisa to snuggle up some kittens. At around 11:30, Ben and I left the house so I could walk him up to catch the bus. I wanted to be in bed early tonight because I've been so tired all week, and i have a lot on the go tomorrow. As we were leaving, we heard shouting behind us. Thinking it was just the local crazy with his dog, I didn't pay attention at first. Until we both heard "stop or we'll release the dogs". Uh oh. This is a sure sign that something bad is going to happen. By the time we hit the end of my street there were police cars everywhere. Two on my corner, another two a block up, a bunch on the next block, and on and on, all the way to somerset, almost as if they were staking out everywhere. What they were looking for we didn't know. At least not then.

I was a bit freaked about walking back home sans ben, which in turn freaked him out, but I sent him along on his way anyway. I'm supposed to be one of those modern tough girls, aren't I? So what if I'm walking home around midnight, in the dark, when there are cops ALL OVER my neighbourhood. It's not like that's...unsafe.

Or so I thought.

On my way home, everything was cool. Until I crossed Somerset. The closer I got to home, the more I could see the flashing lights. One on the corner of a block up from me, two at my street, another two or three the block after, another two across the major street. Uh oh. Feeling brave, and because none of the cops i had walked past said anything to me, I kept on walking home. Assume the best, right?

By the time I hit the empty lot on my street, I was summoned. A thoughtful officer asked where I lived, and upon hearing it, told me to head back out to the main street until I was told I could go home, or until they were gone. Someone was running around with a hammer in backyards. Crap.

So back out I went. Phoned ben to let him know I was still alive, and wouldn' tbe getting home soon (thank goodness for cell phones) and then waited. And waited. And waited. A half hour passed before something seemed to happen. Someone was placed in a squad car. A girl about my age rollerbladed past me down my street. Apparently you are safe if you're on wheels.

I gave in to curiosity and approached the cluster of cops nearby and was quizzed about where I lived. I wanted to know how long they thought I might have to stand around for, and someone nicely offered to walk me home. Thank you!

As I was cruising into the house, after a warning not to go outside until daylight, an officer and his dog were wandering down my laneway. Hello awkward nervous feeling! Good thing I didn't drive anywhere tonight, or had any reason to kick around in my back yard. It's pitch black out there.

As I sit here blogging about this there is yelling out front, some squealing tires, and now, they're off again. I hope they catch whoever they're after - I am totally freaked out. This is the *nice* side of the tracks...