all squished together

Kat posted some photos of the Matt Mays show we all caught Monday night. For a change, Zaphod's was jam packed, bursting at the seams (with a huge lineup out fron tto get in. Good thing I scrounged my freebie tickets last week), and full of hipsters trying to get their hands on Matt. It was a great show, going on until well after midnight. The Novaks and The Architects opened, and were surprisingly good (you never know *what* to expect at a free show). It was also (come midnight) the official release date of Matt Mays & El Torpedo's latest album, which they tossed out to a bunch of people in the crowd.

I have to admit, though, that I found it a little strange to see the twerpy grungy little boy that I grew up with (we went to grade school together in Dartmouth) being lusted after by hordes of girls. At the end of the show, while I was waiting in the oh-my-god huge lineup to say 'hey', I got to be amused by the sheer number of women who just wanted to give him a kiss, or have him sign. their. shirts. heard right. Sharpie, meet vintage button-downs. So strange.

Also, the other guitarist in the band? He acts like he thinks he's all that, but really, he's just another pretty face. Next!