random babblings

  1. Rule #1 of Easter Dinner: Don't let Pica the "kitten" near your chocolate. She will maul your chocolate bunny like it wasn't supposed to have ears in the first place. She won't, however, take you up on your offer of turkey. Freak cat.
  2. This is a cool story about identity theft and self-detecting. Yay for beating silly theives!
  3. An interesting screenprinting tutorial. Seems like a lot more work to do this with glue, than with screen/drawing fluid, but hey, cheap is also good.
  4. blindly branding over at bearskinrug.
  5. I am *loving* make zine.
  6. Wired posts a story about the Decemberists video being made available through bittorrent. Cool.
  7. In other news, I played the guitar tonight for the first time in for-freaking-ever. Now my fretting fingers are sore. BOO.

Also, napping rules. Going back to work on Monday in Ontario because you don't work for the government or a bank? Sucks. I miss maritime holidays.