phew (or, so this is what we’ve been doing for oh, almost 4 days now)

Sorry for the dust around here. It's almost as if there's been a long weekend going on or something. In truth, it's been crazy busy these last few days. Especially with the kitties. And work. And bags.

And sleeping.

Oh the sleeping.

My days since Wednesday have been punctuated with a mess-full of kittens at 6 am Thursday morning (no, seriously, a mess like you would not believe), a mum kitty who wouldn't eat, who now eats a billion times a day, crawling kitties, sleeping, bizarre food experiments involving pancakes, an early morning trip to the humane society for some eye-opening (two kitties are cold-ish), a quest for lime sorbet that ended in tangerine, carribean food at the most scrumptious place on Somerset ( heaven!), cutting cutting cutting, some secret projects, trying to con my index finger into a trick recovery from the feeding-cat-with-my-fingers biting incident so I could play my F-A#-D#-G#'s today at my bass lesson, and well, lots of nothing. Long walks in the spring air, sleeping with my windows open, and tomorrow, going home for easter-ish.

Oh, and work.

I promise, I'll be better at this next week.

We named two of the kittens. The boys, of course. Chai (not my choice!) for the chocolate-y one, and scooter, for the one that walks like he's running. ALL THE TIME. The girls? Still no names. But we're getting there.