have yarn, will travel

spins & needles
Instead of checking out the New Deal tonight with ben and some of his friends, I headed way up Bank St. to Brixton's, to check out the 'Spins & Needles' event. Very cool.

I had no idea what to expect going in, especially *by myself*, but it was funky. The back corner of the room was papier mache. The fron tcorners were easter egg dying, and knitting 101. Can you guess which I took part in? Finally, I think I may have resolved my love-hate relationship with pointy needles and balls of wool.

A number of people brought their own crafty things too. The brilliant mind behind World Beats & Eats,(which happens the first friday or every month at the Mercury Lounge - it's only $5 and you get a free CD and free food) brought his own t-shirt, which he was supplementing with slogans from a previously well-loved shirt. Yay men with sewing kits. Very cool. Nice to see guys out and crafting with the rest of us.