pica pica pica-resque

on a whim this afternoon, I phoned my local CD warehouse to inquire about how...available...the new Decemberists record, 'Picaresque' would be tomorrow, on its release date. I had tried to solicit this info from compact music last week, but stopped when dude just raised his eyebrows at me a few times as if to say 'the who?' Imagine my surprise when they guy I was talking to this aft said "It's already here!". I was there within 20 minutes.

it's early, and beautiful and well, beautiful. Even though I've already seen them perform a handful of these songs, and I've heard them from live shows that have been passed around, the album is ten times better than I expected.

Update: Some of you may know that ALL of the Decemberists gear was stolen from their trailer in Oregon last week. It's VERY VERY sad and also involved the cancellation of the show in Vancouver over this weekend. The band has posted a formal request for help on their website. This is a list of all of the gear they're trying to replace, including Nate's acoustic bass (bummer). If you can help, in any way, or want to offer up some cash, donate here.

Update Part II: The video for 16 Military Wives makes me laugh out loud it's SO good. It's only available by bittorrent, though, so it's a bit of a download, but so worth it.