le weekend, redux

crazy weekend. I was sure I was in for a boring one because *somebody* is in vancouver, but it turned out to be jam packed and a lot more fun than usual. To start, the weekend began with 5 hours of movies about sex, or the consequences of sex, as we caught the double bill of Kinsey and Vera Drake at the good old Mayfair. Though the seats were a little cramped, and popcorn was a total substitute for dinner, it was a good time. Drinks at the clocktower afterwards were fun as well. Late late night friday cutting up material for my own personal bag factory, which is what I've turned my studio in to lately. It's like a fabric bomb exploded up there. Seriously. Scary.

Saturday was loads of running around. A trip to big buds, some kitten missing, a bass lesson and an instantaneous hallway diagnostic test / parts of a bass education for a bass-admirer, some more running around. Unexpected car repair (I heart Speedy on Bronson) and panic. Chocolate croissants, weird bus people, a trip to ben's to uh, shoot a paintball gun (*weird*) and pick up his parents car, a visit to the manx, some handbag gifting, emails, phone calls from the other side of the country, phone calls from another continent, waking up early (6:15. On a sunday. UGH), going back to bed, reading reading reading, sketching quilts for paying customers, sewing handbags, a crusade for vanilla creme peeps (no luck), dinner at my folks, taxes, and now, blisfully, cocoa and crawling into bed.

Whew! You know, it's weird, but I'm actually looking forward to going to work tomorrow so I can chill out.

PS - happy spring, people! PPS - I am thinking of making some more guitar straps. Anybody want?