fifty-three bucks to buy a brand new halo

  1. i totally bought *red meat* this week and last night, while I was slicing it up for a stir-fry, my roommate spent the entire time giggling at me. You see, I have this eew factor associated with meat, in which I can sometimes eat it, but I can never, ever touch it. Eew. So, anyway, he thinks this is extraordinarily funny. I disagree.
  2. Pekoe may not get adopted today after all. It would seem that the people who thought they wanted her aren't sure because their current cat has *ahem* vet bills. There is much value in thinking things through thoroughly . Update: they're not going to adopt her. So I'm probably going to bring her back today so Her Squeakiness can display her cuteness to strangers. I don't want her to go, though. She's so cute! And snuggly. She knows just when to crawl under the covers and curl up around your neck.
  3. I wonder if the people who pull up in front of someone's house late at night and honk their horn a number of times trying to get someone's attention inside of some house somewhere would think it were rude if I drove to their house and did the same thing. At 2am. Grr.
  4. Pekoe has just learned that the fastest way on to the kitchen counter is to climb my leg.
  5. And by climb I mean hurl herself at my leg at high speeds and sort of bounce her way up. With claws.
  6. I've been exchanging emails with a friend who is in China for work. He spent two months in New Zealand and French Polynesia this winter, and some of his photos are totally stunning.
  7. Holy cripes. I am on the phone with someone from expedia and it is SOOOOOOO slow. Where is my sister when I need her super-efficient travel goodness?