ok, so here’s the part where I start to reveal waaay too much about myself

I've had a bit of, well, an "allergy" for a while now, which has been really persistent (since October!). It's this itchy ouchy scaly rash, and kind of "unpretty". My doctor has *again* classified it as some anomaly related to stress (she does this a lot), but it's not, or at least I don't think it can be. It's itchy and scaly (don't you all just want to hug me now - this sounds so attractive), and centres right below my belly button. Annoying! As it turns out, it's actualy an allergy to nickel. Nickel, nickel plating - the kind of stuff you'll find in your belt buckles, or denim buttons and pretty much anything that's not at all expensive and poorly labelled "sterling silver" that should read "nickel-plated sterling silver AKA craptastic rash causing stuff".

I've managed to circumvent it some of the time, by wearing scarves as belts, but I girl can only have so many scarf belts before the kittens start climbing your leg to feast upon the dangly ends. I've also sewn patches into every pair of pants that I own that has a metal button. Finally my odd stash of quilty scraps comes in handy.

Anyhow, I'm meandering. The point here is this: I've been researching this for weeks because my doctor is ignorant and likes to think "stress" is the answer for everything, and I've been unable to find any really useful information. Until today. Today was when I discovered that of all places, the Pampers (yes, the diaper people) website tells you how to deal with a mickel allergy, and how to recover. Am I the only one who finds this slightly odd? Every where else has been all "too bad you're a freak! You had better give up wearing all those clothes that might have even looked at something nickel once, allergy girl".

So seriously, does anybody else have this problem? How do you keep it from making you want to shed your skin?