burned in

I took a photo emulsion screenprinting workshop this weekend, courtesy of the Carleton Photo Club. It rocked.

I took a hand-drawn screen workshop back in the fall, but this method is much more precise - exposing a design to light to essentially "burn" it in to the screen. Very cool, and super sharp (i.e. great for text!). I definitely have big plans for this kind of screening. The bonus of all of this? We all walked away with a full screening kit, complete with drawing fluid, screen filler, photo emulsion fluid, and paint. All for $20. Sweet.

Speaking of the photo club and photos, the Carleton Photo Club's annual contest is being judged tonight at Globe Bar in the Glebe. It's on from 6 - 8 *and* there's going to be free food. Pop in and check out the submissions. Also, lana's piece on photoblogging has been published. Read away.