the return of the SHBWIP

And just when I thought it was all going uphill, guess who made a surprise appearance at hour house this morning? SHBWIP! This illegal parker was a popular attraction at our house during the summer months, where he would often appear driving his blue taurus clunker, wearing coke bottle glasses and sporting a bike which he every once in a while he would leave in our garage.

A graceful parker, he would park IN THE MIDDLE of our driveway, and not in the garage direct (there is no door, for those of you who wonder), leaving little to no room for we car-wielding-driveway-owning folks. He was the continued subject of much glaring and evil eyeing, to no avail.

Last night, I was heading out to meet a friend for coffee when I familiar car pulled up out front, paused in front of the driveway until I came out through the front door, and took off. I didn't really think anything of it until I was leaving for work this morning.

There he was again - ugly blue rustbucket idling away in the middle of the street, peering down our laneway, outfit complete with requisite shaggy hair and glasses. As soon as he saw me, off he went. I waited a few minutes, thinking he might come back around, but didn't see him again. It was early and I was tired, otherwise I might have exclaimed "SHBWIP! We missed you!".

I am totally going to take the air out of his tires if I find him parked in my driveway again.