I just placed a business card order with vista print. Kind of experimental, in order to fill an immediate need for some cards, and also in order to *not* spend $400 on cards right now. And I am really annoyed. Earlier this week they sent along an email with a serious discount - $7.50 for 250 cards. $11.25 for 500. So, I figured I'd give it a shot. I've got my own designs all ready and ideally I'd use my pro printer, but he can't get my preferred stock in right now, and I'm not into paying loads of money for the stock I *don't* want. It was really easy - it was just a matter of uploading them, approving PDF proofs and hitting "buy!".

Except that once I hit confirm, after including all of my payment details on a sweet, ultra-cheap price (I like cost-effective experimentation), the price changed. This was between the quote and the confirmation. Nowhere did they say "oh hey - by the way we're going to hike up the prices on you by $25 for no apparent reason". Boo. I've spent the last half hour on the phone with them and have gotten nowhere, but they're going to call me back shortly with what had better be good news. I am irked.

So, word of warning - only order from them over the phone. Or, not at all.