bad vibrations

why winter, renting large string instruments, and going out to double bass lessons even though they are only a five minute drive from my house are sucky: when I play my G-string (shutup, stop laughing), it sounds like I have entered a bee-hive. My soundpost seems to be hibernating. And my E-string? Also snoozing. *Somebody* has got a date with the repair shop this week, lucky girl. I'm disappointed, since this means I won't be able to practice my oh-so-not-perfect half-position to first position transitions that are mostly lucky (or not so lucky) guesses about finger placement.

Also, is it odd that I find this "how to make a double bass/make it yourself in your spare time!" book alarmingly creepy? There is just something about string instruments that screams DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME that I just can't blatantly ignore. Make your own replica Amati! Finally - those Cremonese luthier skills I've been harboring all my life can be used for good, not evil. Freaky.