take number 89

Today is the day! Self-portrait day, that is. At the invitation of the lovely Michele I took part in blogger self-portrait day. You can check out the bunch of most excellent bloggers from all over the place who also participated, over here.

One thing I discovered about myself when I was trying to take photos on Monday night is that I get seriously embarrassed about taking my own picture. Especially when ben is snickering in the background.

My 5 Questions

  1. What is your first name? robyn
  2. Where do you live? Ottawa, Ontario
  3. Where were you when you first discovered the Internet and how old were you at the time? I was 14 and in high school. My computer studies teacher decided that instead of word processing, we were going to do something WAY more cool and learn how to make "web pages" for the "World Wide Web". At the time, I thought he was crazy, but now I probably owe that man a drink.
  4. What is your favorite sandwich? Avocado, turkey, tzatziki, sprouts, cucumber and monterey jack on pumpernickel.
  5. "On a Sunday I can be found __________." Working. Curled up reading. At my parents. In my studio being crafty. Playing my bass.

Thanks to Michele for setting this up! Also, stay tuned for the launch of selfportraitday.com next week!