oh the fun we have. the weekend, redux.

a great weekend full of feeling crappy, homemade 'almost bridgehead's' red lentil soup, lots of wine, feeling better, tropical vacation envy, teaching mocha how to jump, Beating Ben At Scrabble! (this is a near-impossible feat), 'The Weekend' at Zaphod's, watching the obvious embarrassment of Kelly, who Matt proposed to onstage at The Weekend's show, family time, folklore shenanigans, black velvets, studio re-organization including the sawing of things (hello stress-relief!), some double-bass recruitment (ack! playing! with...people!), sleeping in, getting up early, not enough coffee, too much coffee, homemade omelettes, and of course, a comical yet vastly annoying 30 minutes of the grammys (it's all I could take - they're so SMARMY! The preaching about the 'state of the music industry' is so, well, disappointing.). How was YOUR weekend?