play with meeeeee!

So, mocha's been chilling at our house for just about a week now. She's funny, and really likes to play. She's a pro at fetch. ~Scene~

I am *sleeping* - or trying to. Desperately avoiding getting up for work. Ka-thunk. Something is on the bed. Wait, no, something is on my head. Mocha is on my head, and she has brought with her a giant pink whale (which came with her in the crate when we brought her home). It's giant. It's pink. It's bigger than her entire body. She carries it around by its tail, like a big pink teddy bear.

Last time I saw it, it was in the kitchen. Now, it was on my pillow, which is through three rooms, up a flight of 13 stairs, all the way down the hallway and up onto the bed.

Keener? I told her to go away. So, she went away, to the end of the bed. And five minutes later, she came back. With the *same* toy, as if she were offering me something new. "Oh-kay, you didn't want to play with that one. But maybe this one??". So I gave it a toss - out into the hallway. Thirty seconds later, she, and the whale, are back. And again. And again. And again. Until she discovered teh warm air return that blows warm air directly onto the bathroom floor. Then I lost her.

This has definitely become our new game, though. We *all* know when she's bored because she brings us stuff to throw!