skating redux

ben and I went skating this afternoon, and I crossed over the point where I can't go any further because ohmigod my feet hurt *so* much, and made it halfway down the canal and back with minimal complaining. I almost hate to say it, but I we're thinking of doing it again tomorrow, and I'm almost excited. we'll see. part of it, I think is the weather - this turn for "niceness" is a perk. it's not warm, but it's a long way from cold.

it's awfully nice to skate down the canal, holding hands, full of winter fresh air. when ben bailed on me to do some faster, sportier skating (snob!) I whipped out my ipod and amused myself with tunes and not falling, gliding along to a rhythm. I must make it a point to get out more frequently.

listening to colin meloy's cover of "i've changed my plea to guilty". good old morrissey never fails to bring out the mellow, melancholy, and hope. I need a guitar on hand, so I too, can mash together a cover. Even if I only play it and sing it in the twilight darkness as it descends outside of my window. thank goodness for these longer days we've had lately. means I can make it home before the sun sets below the horizon. yay descent toward spring-ness. we've missed you. come back soon.