I've received a bunch of emails this week and last from people inquiring about my state of mind and wellness and happiness. Rest assured, they are very dearly, nicely, wonderfully appreciated. It is nice to have extra reasons to smile.

But in lieu of a post because I've got to go respond to them all, here's some stuff to check out.

  • Spacing. A new discovery today thanks to David, who aptly pointed out that these are totally my "brand of cool".
  • Making Room magazine has launched. So pretty, and featuring the lovely Robyn Cumming, one of my current favourites. Her work is dreamy.
  • Three Apples High. Luscious photos.
  • The Lovely Feathers, a montreal based band who are performing at Sala Rossa on Thursday (the 20th). They've got an entire album available for download, or you can buy it at
  • A little competition over at Airbag, sponsored by jewelboxing. Design beanies on?
  • Ground Glass. pretty.
  • Mainsonneuve. I'm reading the latest issue right now. Smooth and easy to digest.
  • Also, ReadyMade. You can't go wrong with DIY.

New craft project coming up that I expect to blog about a fair bit (it's fun, it's hard, and it's sentimental). So, forewarning.

I also have a bunch of stuff going on that needs some attention. So, forgive me if things end up a little vacant around here for the next week or so. I promise I'll make it up to you. Tenfold.

It's cold out. Snuggle up with someone fun.