bloggers on ice caffeine

Lana organized a centretown blogger meet up yesterday. (thanks lana!). The original plan was skating, but because of our recent pleasant temperatures, skating on the canal was off-limits. So, off to bridgehead (the natural default, of course) Meeting a whole crowd of new people, I'm never sure what to think (i have first-day-of-school flashbacks...). But it turned out well. It was great to meet some new people, have sane discussions about random things, and link some faces to their written words.

Blogs are an interesting thing. As someone who has kept journals for a good chunk of my life, blogging has been a strange friend. When I first discovered it a few years ago, after discovering a link to Bryan Mason's site, as he shared his sometimes funny, often insightful stories from the Utah Winter Olympics, it seemed odd, yet nice that someone wanted to share parts of their life with anyone who happened across it.

I started a blogger blog for fun, which I kept for a while, and then switched to this typepad blog this year. I'm in the midst of switching to full-on moveable type, but it's slow going teaching myself the ropes, and finding the time to get a design just right.

It's an interesting release. Nice to post content in a place where other people might see it, I suppose, but really, my motivation is getting stuff on here that I value, that I want to keep track of, that I want to be able to find, without digging through piles and piles of paper journals, not knowing when or how long ago the thing I'm thinking of took place. Writing down something that's in the moment, rather than resigning it to "later, when I'm home, with a pen in hand". Maybe it's just a choice of the tools.

Someone once asked me how I would describe the idea of blogging, of exposing yourself to an anonymous audience. I told them it was like talking to intimate strangers. You are sharing parts of yourself with people you may never speak to, never meet, never even know were there.