slippin’ & slidin’

Finally hit the canal tonight for the first time this year (yay!). Ben's already been out a few times, courtesy of some out-of-town folks in-town for strictly skating purposes, and a few other occasions, but I've been procrastinating. I was surprised this year at how nice it felt to be gliding along the ice with relative ease. A change from last year, when I was slightly more stumbley and nervous. When we had our first skate last year, I hadn't been on the canal since New Year's Eve 1999, for a number of reasons.

I bought skates last year (the first I've owned since I was a kid), and they're not *quite* broken in yet, so, I've built up a habit of bailing early on our skate runs, with hurting feet, and sending ben out for his longer, faster, second run. It's getting better - I just need to retrain my feet to like skates. Field turf, not ice, is my forte.

I have family coming up from halifax in a few weeks, though, for some dedicated canal skating time, and I'm determined to brush up on my skills. I've been playing with my cameras more and more lately too, so maybe I'll make it a point to make my photo expeditions canal-bound.