alt-country indie christmas?

Oh no. The end of a good band as we know it: Rhett announced at one of his December shows in NYC that the Old 97's will be reconvening in the studio in 2005 to wax a Christmas album. And why not? With all of the guys married and so many little 97's running around these days, it's something they can do for their fans, themselves, and their kids. More word on the project as details emerge.

This had better be good. I'm sketchy on Christmas albums as it is. Bands I like (as in, not mainstream bands) making Christmas albums? Downright scary.

Though it was followed with GOOD NEWS:

Rhett Miller will soon be announcing details on a new label a tentative schedule for the release of his third solo album, the follow-up to 2002's The Instigator.

It's about time.