a few things

1. Oh if I had enough money. I want this. It's Sub Pop's entire collection of singles - 1, but plus some bonus discs to make up for that one. I need to invest in a good turntable, and lots of old yet delicious vinyl. 2. My eyes hurt. I feel like I was out at a disco staring directly into the disco ball last night, all night. My sister and I have always had eye issues (we've got very fair ones, "blonde eyes", that are very sensitive to light) and today is no exception. I slept horribly last night for a variety of reasons - when I'm upset, I don't sleep. When there are big snowplows outside, I don't sleep. When my roommates alarm goes off at 5:30 (5!!:30!!), I don't sleep. My eyes are paying for it today, particularly because it's so sunny outside (or am I the only one that sees this because of that whole disco ball effect previously discussed?).

3. I am through a hellish few days of work, which is nice, because i've been reading code non-stop. Finally, I can do cool things like read books, play my bass, and recover from the crick in my neck, a result of staring at too many little tiny things in dreamweaver.

4. I went to do some sewing on my new sewing machine last night, only to discover that I have not yet purchased any pins (this is what I get for relying on my mum's machine for so long. All the good stuff is at her house). I guess I'll be looking for some "notions" (I have neverunderstood why they call them this) later today so I can get some projects finished.

5. Dreamweaver and I had a fight this morning. I think it won, however, I'm plotting some sweet revenge. iTunes and I, though? We're thinking of shacking up.

6. I discovered something neat last night. After a lifetime of music lessons (piano, bass guitar, clarinet, fiddle/violin, and who knows what else), and a lifetime of shunning practicing because it's such a hassle and oh-my-god hanon exercises are really boring, I discovered that I really LIKE practicing with my bass. I'm sure my neighbours hate me, and my roommate always seems to crank the tv a little louder (there's this sound pocket in my room that resonates strangely directly into the living room where he watches tv), but for a time, it's just me and my bow and my english-japanese bass lesson book (who knew that japanese was the second most favoured language for bass players??). It's fun, despite the part where your fingers hurt like they're going to fall off.