a birthday brunch gone bad yet good

I had a plan, this morning. the girls were meeting for a birthday brunch (both jen and I had birthdays this past week). Walked to the Loon (the proposed meeting place), only to discover that no one was there.

The only one of us who is ever early of exactly on time, never showed. One of the rest of us had to go check in on her dad, who was unexpedtedly not well. So, that left Jen and I. Which was good. I would have loved to see the other girls, too, but it's nice to have some downtime with just the two of us too.

After waiting for about an hour for our no-show companion, we ditched the empty loon in favour of the crowded wild oat. Yum! Much more appealing.

It was nice to sit and talk, where there was no need to impress or pretend that things are better or different than they are. (You know, how sometimes when people ask you how you are, you just gloss over it with "good" or "fine"). I can't do that with Jen. She's too good at reading me.

So, we had a good talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly, and the philosophy of how people can better change their lives. What's realy important. Honesty. Not caring too much about other people's feelings when all it does is discount your own. Figuring out what *we* want. The complexity of relationships. The history of friendships. Happiness. Beauty.