So, this weekend I rented a bass guitar. Which is something I never thought I'd do. But hey - I *am* the try everything girl. How could I not give this a shot? It lets me keep up my standard lifestyle of being busy 24/7 (though I have had moments of laziness lately. B's been teaching me how to "relax" and "not do so much stuff")! So far, it's fun. Musically I am strongly anti-chord (which doesn't necessarily make sense, I know), so it's exactly the kind of instrument I need.

While cruising through the store, though, I came across these, which I've got a crush on - if only because of it's complete and utter girliness factor. Rumour has it that they're also coming out with a new black w. red paisley design too.

Now.....anyone know how to make guitar straps?