Gryphon the movie star

Ok, I managed to get a few good videos of Gryphon and his new favourite scarf, but every time I try to go into imovie to edit them, he starts to chase the onscreen cat, and gets really pissed when it's not on the other side of my powerbook, or when it doesn't respond to him smacking it around with his paws. They will have to wait until he's back at the humane society. Tomorrow. *sigh*.

I'm going to miss the little furball, but I know that this is the right thing to do.

And besides, it means more new, little kitties soon!

He'll end up with a good home, I know. I just hope it doesn't involve too much time in a cage beforehand. Now I have to go write him a profile that does him justice. I say this while he is trying to eat the lenscap from my camera. Hmmmmmm.