Through someone else’s eyes

I stumbled across an old link today that was the subject of much fascination when we returned from New York last April. I've always been fascinated with the idea of Urban Exploration, and so a site that details the intricate details of the NYC subway, then and now, forgotten stations, old maps is a really interesting find. Plus, while we were there, Ben was obsessed with seeing how everything worked, and looking through all of the gaps in work area sheeting, etc. At the time it was particularly annoying, as I was trying to get out of the subway stations and explore New York, and Ben was trying to peer between drop cloths and tarps to look at dirt and construction equipment, and generally remain below ground for a whole lot longer. But it's more interesting now, after the fact, when there's not so much other stuff to do instead (like go to the Apple store and check our email....nerdy nerds, we are).

So, if you're feeling like exploring today:

- New York City Subway - Forgotten New York - Urban Exploration Files - Urban Lens - Undercity

note: B - we missed it by only a few months. City Hall station officially re-opened on October 27, 2004. Boo.

Also of note is that they've banned (or at least are trying to) any and all photography in the subway, on the lines, or in the stations, unless you've got a press pass. I wonder how strictly that's enforced?