SixApart to buy LiveJournal?

Interesting. While surfing the web today (waiting for something else to happen, as usual), I discovered this rumour (nothing seems to be confirmed yet, but it sounds promising).

SixApart (the nice people who make/run TypePad and MoveableType) are poised to buy LiveJournal, according to this source.

This is really interesting, in part because LiveJournal and Typepad users seem to be the complete antitheses of each other. But it's also cool because that means there really is potential for SixApart (something I've been wondering about). I mean, Moveable Type alone can only get you so far, can't it?

Even though I'm a typepad user at the moment (MT, coming soon!), I have a livejournal account and know a bunch of people who have livejournals because they're free. It's an interesting service, and there seems to be a great sense of community. Particularly because once you've got a livejournal, you can join virtual "communities" with merely the click of a link. Easy peasy. That said, there are lots of things about livejournal that I don't like. It'll be interesting to see how lj changes over time if this merger does go through, and to see if it becomes any more aesthetically pleasing.

Update: Indeed they did