It's christmas eve. I'm at home with my family. It's weird in a way, to be here, but it's also comforting. We have watched films, and entertained ourselves with cat-ness. I've taken a real bath for the first time in ages (since moving into the new place, where showers are so-so and baths are nearly impossible...).

Unfortunately, no kitten encounter video....yet. Surprisingly, it hasn't been all that difficult to integrate Gryphon into my parents place. Pica both loves and hates him, since he's a valuable playmate, but happens to also fight back. Gryphon seems to feel the same about Pica. As I write this, from the spare room of my parents home, they're each lying on their own separate pillows behind me, happily dozing away.

Introduce Gryphon to the older cat, however, and it's an entirely different story. Much hissing and growling, but it's one (Gryphon) sided. He'll stroll right up to her, and then realize what he's done, whimper and hiss in fright simultaneously, and growl, a low rumbling growl from the pit of his stomach. She, on the other hand, just looks at him as if to say "who are you?"

He also refuses to eat anything but everyone else's food.

So far, no one has climbed the Christmas tree.

It's quiet here. I'm the only one up. My whole family is snoozing, likely because Erynn will wake us up at some ungodly hour to announce the arrival of Christmas.

Until next time....I'm off to read and listen to some tunes. And maybe barter for a pillow.

Merrymas Happykah!