les etoiles

Stars tonight at Zaphod. The show sold out, despite my thought that not enough people knew about the Stars for it to sell out.

We did manage to get some last minute tickets though. The show was amazing, the club was packed. Lots of good friends were there. It appeared as if some of the band members were a little, uh, inebriated, but it was good. Torq does not at all seem how I pictured him. I don't know exactly what I had envisioned, but he looked at once both hip, and as if he could be someone's dad. But oh, the energy.

There was a cellist! And a violinist (who I talked to after the show about the merits of string instruments, and the difference between uprights (i.e. my bass, the onstage cello) and light-weights). There should be more hip bands that make use of strings, and brass (there was a trombone, a trumpt, and a saxophone onstage - a veritable Stars orchestra).

After the show, Torq was bouncing aorund in the crowd, chit-chatting, moving from one person to another in milliseconds. He reminds me of the man behind the wizard of Oz, at the end of the movie. Not at all what you expected, yet cool.

My only complaint was that they didn't play Death to Death. Who wouldn't want to hear the cactus brandy song? They've promised to be back soon, though. YOU (whoever you are) should be there too.

If you still want to see them, they're playing at the cutest little venue ever (La Sala Rossa) in Montreal tonight (December 17th), and at the Mod Club Theatre in Toronto on Saturday and Sunday.