faded smothered kitty lovin’

This is Gryphon, the latest in our cat fostering saga.

Gryphon, aka Gribs, Griffles, Gryph, Sweater Stealer

This whole cat-fostering thing is a great deal for the most part. I get to have a kitten (or a few kittens in some cases) whenever it's good for me. No worries about going away and having to find someone to feed the cats - I just make sure all my foster cats are out and adopted, happy in their new homes.

But then there's this crappy point where I KNOW that they have to go back, and I'm so used to having them that it breaks my heart to not know whether or not they're going to go to new homes (and good new homes at that) right away, or get stuck in a cage at the humane society until someone stumbles across them days later.

That's my problem right now with Gryph - he needs to go back. He's well, and though occasionally sneezy, ready to find a house ripe for exploring. But I hate to let him go this time of year - it's Christmas....foolish people often give pets as gifts that are loved for a short period of time, and then become burdens (this is not to say that giving someone a pet is bad, this is just the season for some occasional poor decision making). I very selfishly do not want Gryphon to be one of them.

If you've been on the lookout for a cute and snuggly but sometimes hyper and very playful kitty, and you live in or near Ottawa, I have the kitty for you.

I'd adopt him myself, but I have a whole variety of reasons why I can't and shouldn't at this point in time, so before you even suggest it....

Gryphon is four months old. And he's been living with me for the last two of those because he was a pretty sick little guy when he was picked up off the street at 5 weeks old. He came to me with his pal Cleo, who has since gone on to find a new home, and he misses her desperately, some of the time.

He will eat pretty much anything (avocado, tandoori chicken, peanut butter, popsicles to name a few, though he despises oranges and sunflower seeds), and is sure to let you know when he is hungry (he only recently found his meowing voice). He likes to hang out on the edge of the bathtub when you're taking a bath, because bubbles and flowing water are fascinating. He does the same thing with the shower. Water does not scare this guy at all - he has fallen in, and been intentionally bathed more than a few times. He loves to snuggle at night and will curl up somewhere in the same room or in your lap, depending on the boundaries you set. There hasn' t been a morning yet where I haven't woken up to Gryph purring contentedly beside me.

He loves to chase things, and recently learned how to fetch just about anything he can bite, including other people's stuff. He likes fish (as pets) and is content just to stalk them (he has yet to stick his head in the aquarium....I've been watching).

Ideally, it would be good to see him go to someone who is home a lot, as he loves attention and I don't want him to get too lonely. He's good with kids, too, so ideal for a family. He's well seasoned to other cats - I'd be more worried about the *other* cat than about Gryphon. He's not so keen on dogs, though he's only ever been face-to-face with a puppy, about his age, and about 10 times his size. He doesn't hate them, it just takes him a while to warm up to them.

Please contact me if you're interested. I'm unraveled @ gmail dot com. I've had mixed feelings about posts like this here, but in the end, I want to find him a good home, preferably one that prevents him from sitting, caged, and lonely in the interim, hoping someone will adopt him.