21 22 random notes about the way things are right now:

  1. Busy.
  2. My cat is stalking my fish. I think the fish thinks that it's funny, because he'll swim right up to Gryph, fluff up all his fins, and then swim away. Gryphon has not yet figured out that the aquarium has a removable lid. Good thing.
  3. Despite popular belief that my attic "studio" is an oven in summer and a freezer in winter, it actually is warm up there.
  4. Mopey sick people are self-indulgently boring.
  5. Ack! Christmas! Ack!
  6. Tonight I designed a bunch of handbags after discovering fabric I didn't even know I owned.
  7. I hope my jewelboxes arrive soon. I have big christmas plans for them.
  8. Current iPod rotation: The Delays, The Decemberists, Metric, Jon Brion, Joel Plaskett, Beth Orton, Firewater, and Blanket Music (but mostly Harry at the MOMA. That track is catchy).
  9. We taught Gryphon how to play fetch on Monday. If you throw something, he *will* bring it back.
  10. Benjamin Wagner released a new album. You should obtain a copy. Read his journal, too.
  11. My toes are cold.
  12. I wrote Christmas cards out to two ex-boyfriends and a "guy I dated" tonight. Amongst other people. Is this weird?
  13. One of these ex-boyfriends now has a wife, and a wife-approved girlfriend. This IS weird.
  14. My poor bass has been lying lonely and unloved for a week now. I have a lesson on Saturday, and I am NOT ready. New mantra: every day. five minutes. rinse. lather. repeat. Also of note, use the bow.
  15. Someone just reminded me that I get OLDER in three weeks. As if they were almost being helpful. Hopefully, this year, older = wiser.
  16. My fingers are now cold, too.
  17. Someone recently left me a bag of vintage fabric on my porch. This is both very cool, and very scary. However, not scary enough for me to turn down any more. Thank you vintage fabric person!!
  18. My neighbour shoveled his front walk today. INTO my driveway.
  19. Things I currently can't live without? Pomegrante. Sunflower seeds. Hot chocolate with marshmallows.
  20. Things I can most definitely live without: Pea soup. Christmas shopping in malls. Icy stairs.
  21. Trying to decide: what colour to paint my studio. Any ideas?
  22. Wondering: anyone know where to buy just the leather ends (the part with the loops for the end pegs) for guitar straps? If you can find 'em for me (reasonably inexpensive, and I like 'em), I'll make you a guitar strap. And you'll like it. Promise.