Sour apples

Has anyone else noticed some strange, buggy issues with the latest apple security update? Ever since i installed it a fewe weeks back, I find I'm rebooting at least once a day, if not more, because my powerbook has frozen. Completely.

Also, anyone notice the lack of cool tunes in the new iTunes canadian store? I mean it's ok, but they don't carry the decemberists, for starters. The Decemberists! This is annoying, not because I want to buy any of their music (I already own it all) but because it's clearly available in the US. Otherwise, the availability of the music store is all cool. It's about time. :)

Update: or Controller, Controller, The Uncut, Joel Plaskett, Arcade Fire, Autumndivers, Ted Leo, Broken Social Scene, Stars, Memphis, a lot of Snow Patrol, and a bunch of other non-big-label bands. Interesting.