Sweet lord, I do not charge enough for my custom quilt-work. Or anything else for that matter. Denyse Schmidt Quilts are funky. Simple, and straigtforward, but eyecatching.

I thought this was interesting:

"Denyse was designing, but could not possibly find the time to do the quilting. So, she went to the source - Amish women have been quilting by hand for over a century. The Amish lifestyle, with its emphasis on simplicity and a slower pace, lends itself perfectly to quilting. Denyse's quilts are produced with the highest degree of craftsmanship. The quilt production schedule sometimes has to take a backseat to the farm chores (especially in summer), but we believe the wait is well worth the quality."

Apparently, the solution to my time-crunch is Amish women. Who knew?