Super fast update (safari keeps crashing and losing my posts. Grr. Hello firefox!):

  • Crazy week. Work work work work work.
  • Super-cool pre-christmas present from ben. What a sweetie. He has, however, reached his quota of apple-store related presents for the year. I do have to draw the line somewhere.
  • One of my kitties is getting adopted by a good friend. Yay!
  • Roommate is home from the maritimes. He brought with him three jugs of BEEP and a candle that includes PEI sand. Have I mentioned that my roommate brought me BEEP? You heard me. I LOVE my roommate.
  • After two straight weeks with no snow, and roommate getting all the snow out east, he brought it home with him, TONIGHT.
  • Bought screenprinting supplies tonight. Expensive! Oh well. Getting started with anything is pricey, yet worth it.
  • I won stuff! It apparently pays to suck up a little bit, sometimes.
  • Work work work work work. American thanksgiving. Breathe. Work work work work work.
  • A guy I used to date turns 30 next weekend. His new girlfriend has invited me to his sleepover-birthday-party at his cottage. Is this WRONG?

Up and Coming

  • Joel Plaskett. Kingston, Monday.
  • December. Eek!
  • Lab time. School. On SUNDAY. Yuck.
  • 222 Lyon. Tapas. Saturday night.
  • Also, Lower Deck. Saturday night in search of a comparison. It can not possibly be better than the one in Halifax. Sacrilege.