Ok, I don't know what's wrong with me lately but I am having serious lust for everyday, material things. And I've been trying to stop, I really have. That is, until I found this, this afternoon: The Yamaha Disklavier Mark IV wireless player piano.

I know, it's not traditional, but it's cute! It's a pseudo-baby-grand that you can connect to your wireless network. If it would do wireless midi I might consider loving it forever.

The best feature though, is this:

"There’s even a hard drive for storing all the songs you want it to play, and they also include their SmartKey technology to help you learn how to play the piano, with the Disklavier Mark IV moving the key you’re supposed to press and then waiting for your to strike it."

but only because it was discussed over dinner at Cafe Paradiso last night, while we were listening to the great jazz pianist who plays there on Wednesdays, and then the, ahem, older gentleman who proceeded to get up and plunk himself down at the keys in order to "entertain" us with piano renditions of the tragically hip's ahead by a century, and elton john's candle in the wind. He definitely had some skill, but please...musical selection?

Thankfully, I can play. But it would be fun to see my piano teach others.

Really, this is all just a sympton of "I miss my piano".