what I've been up to

I went to Boston. It was exceptionally fun. I got incredibly covered in coloured cornstarch (for this).

It's hard to tell here, but my hair was almost entirely pink.

We took long walks around Beacon Hill. I wore inappropriate shoes.

summer self portrait

Boston has some great street art. This dino was ultra-realistic.

best street art in all of boston

We walked by Cheers. It was difficult to not look like a tourist, so we volunteered to take photos of them instead.

everybody knows your name

I immediately began investigating Beacon Hill Real Estate. Maybe CakeMail needs a Boston office.

beacon hill garden

When Emilie headed back to Ottawa, I headed back to work, checking into my conference hotel and falling asleep to this great view every night.


Oh! And we went to Ben & Jerry's on the way. You can smell the waffle cones from the highway.

of course the biggest ingredient is sugar

Now, I am exhausted. And so very very close to my vacation...two more weeks! Then it'll be non-stop photos of icebergs, I promise.