the good times

I feel like I'm perpetually in catch-up mode here lately, trying (and failing) to find a good way to turn my hectic and huge thoughts into digestible, understandable, words. Over and over again.

So I'm going back to the drawing board and starting with something easy, like what's been going on. And that's SO. MANY. THINGS.

Running (and walking)

I've managed to strike a few things off ye olde life list lately, but the most notable is probably completing my first half-marathon, and even better, completing it with my mother, my aunt, and my sister. It felt special, strolling (ok wobbling) across the finish line in 3h16m, knowing it was something we all did together, though we all kept our own paces during the race. There are probably very few times in my life where I'll share athletic successes with my mother (hi mom!) and my sister (who prefers ballet shoes to running shoes) - it made every metre of all of those 21.1kms worth it.

It also made me realize how much I actually love to run (though not by myself), and it's helped me find my way back into that groove again.

Maybe the biggest surprise of all is that Brett is running with me these days - and he pushes me to be stronger, run further, and run faster. Now if only I could convince him to sign up for some races. ;)

Color Me Rad

I'm off to Boston for a conference in a few weeks so a friend and I are making a real trip out of it and running a crazy race. It's not far, and it's not fast, but it is, errrr, colourful. And we get to explore Boston, too! Fun all around.

My dad's first Schwartz's

Believe it or not, even though he lived practically down the street (182kms to be precise) for twenty years, my dad had never been to Montreal as an adult until last weekend. So obviously we had to eat our way through my parents' seven day trip. We covered the bases, including Kem CoBa's Beurre Salé, Schwartz's mediums, Napoletana meatballs, Garde Manger's short ribs and so much more. He'll definitely be back, because we're already making a list of everywhere we didn't make it to this time around. It was so wonderful to be able to share this place that I love with him, as mad and crazy as it is.

There's more, so much more to share. Soon.