free time :: new projects

It's been a busy couple of months in our house, though I'm typically the only one that's actually in the house, since Brett is away at French class for about 20 hours a week in addition to his real job and his side projects. Some might say we are both really great at "Let's do a lot of things!". So in the spirit of all of my newfound by-myself time, I've managed to do what I always do: expand my work-in-progress pile to a fabric mountain of epic proportions. Here's a tour through the current selection:

Farmer's wife crazy

Update on the Farmer's Wife: I still hate it. Yup. Continuing on...

I'm busy turning this Margot Madison chevron pattern into a quilt design. Yay for solids!

A Denyse Schmidt design. Mine features Joel Dewberry Heirloom fabrics along with selections from my massive collection of scraps.

Stripes! No further comments needed. This is the perfect inspiration for a project to use the Riley Blake ombré solids I just stocked up on. (image and idea via Ann StewArt)

I have a serious crush on solids and geometric shapes right now. This isosceles triangle quilt is equal parts hard and rewarding. Cutting all of them out requires more than one bottle of wine. (image and idea via Blue is Bleu)

Simple stripes. So.... simple. This is my favourite (and while many of the rest are going to new homes, this one is staying put). (image and idea via pinterest)

Not pictured is my square cross quilt. It's 50% complete. Almost there, after a year of neglecting it!